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CMS 0.9 Beta

[email protected]

A special thanks to Luc for testing the scanner and also for all his input.


20th November 2017

Added a new server. There has been an increase in users using the scanner, so I have added a new server to balance the load.

10th November 2017

Added Sound Settings. You can access it from the little cog near the mute button. You will be able to choose from a selection of different sounds and change the volume. You can also choose an alernative sound for a certain percentage. e.g. -20% drop can play another sound. You can select up to 2 alternative sounds. (Alternative sound 2 will take priority over Alternative sound 1).

4th November 2017

Added Charts. You can toggle to chart mode by clicking the little chart icon next to the mute/unmute icon.

30th October 2017

Added Cryptopia Exchange.

26th October 2017

Volume has been added as a column in both Live Data and Recent.

Updated the site to allow excluding of coins. You will find this in the settings page by clicking on the change button. For now, you will have to type in the coin codes sperated by a comma. I will update this later with a nice coin selector.

20th October 2017

Added Bitfinex Exchange.


Checking period: (More coming soon)
Percentage change: %
Minimum volume: BTC
Base currency: BTC ETH USD USDT
Exclude Coins: e.g. NEO,OMG,ETH
(Temporary solution, will be updated with a fancy coin selector at some point)

Sound Settings

Default Volume:
Default sound:

Alternative sound

when % change reaches or goes over %
play this:
when % change reaches or goes over %
play this:

Checking the last 30 minutes for a -10% change with a minimum 24h volume of 5 BTC using these base currencies: BTC,ETH,USD,USDT and excluding these coins: DOGE,RDD
Last refresh: - connected to cms2
Live Data